Life Of An Island City Girl

My hula sister Brooke creates these precious postcard size scrapbooks. In them she enjoys writing, just as she would write in a journal, she would write in these mini scrapbooks. She explained to me the importance of writing down her thoughts. As we grow older, parts of our memory fades. What we once thought was important, be it an idea, a experience of a lifetime, or story that brought so much laughter, could one day become obsolete.

I began to write using this cute little app called, DAY ONE, had an impactful quote written at the top of the first page, “Memories are preserved when written down.” Writing is such an amazing way to look back on life to see what we were thinking years ago, we can see how our language and writing styles have changed, and a little bit about oneself is forever preserved.

I thought about one day being a blogger, sharing my opinions with the world. This is my beginning. This is where I can be creative. This is a safe place that I can share whatever is on my mind. Maybe one day I will have millions of followers who will read my entries or maybe it will be a personal journal. Either way a piece of me will be left on these pages.

When I began to think about writing a blog of some sort, I thought to call it, “Life of an Island City Girl.” It will be a continuous story of me, Leilani Nicole Wilson, it will be a combination of my interests and inspirations. One reading this blog will get to know me as an island girl rooted in the culture that I grew up around. One will also get to know me as a wannabe city girl obsessed with fashion, all things pretty and travel. I am excited for this new venture of creativity.

Welcome to the life of an island city girl ❤
~Leilani Nicole


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