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Lulumahu Falls

Hiking is an activity that has been trending especially with the increase in social media in recent years. Many hikes which have been a secret in the past are now popular destinations. No matter what risks are involved you have to #doitforthegram. Hawaii has so many beautiful hikes and it is really hard not to want to see the beauty of these places after seeing a friend’s post after a awesome day hiking.

This hike on the side of the Pali Highway is technically illegal, being that it is on government property, but that doesn’t stop the hundreds of people who visit. I would say I am a pretty avid hiker in my opinion. I go quite often, always seeking adventure and new beautiful spots. I am not the best person to explain directions, so I won’t be blogging instructions on how to get to the hikes I blog about, but if at anytime you read about my hikes, and can’t find directions, feel free to comment or email me. I will be more than happy to help to the best of my abilities.

This is my first time I’ve been on this trail. It was quite easy compared to other strenuous hikes on the island. My favorite part of hiking is taking pictures. I am extremely fascinated with photography, and I have been learning and exploring different cameras and techniques. Unfortunately my friends were in a rush, so I wasn’t able to take my time taking the pictures I wanted. It is such a beautiful hike and it is worth going multiple times because of these reasons:

1. Short: I always like to have a few go to hikes that are fairly easy that I could go on perhaps before work or something. It is only about an hour and a half, so if time is an issue this might be a good option.

2. Ease: The trail is fairly flat most of the way, so there is a number of people with different hiking abilities would be able to do this hike. There were even kids on the trail. I have heard that some people have a hard time with direction to the waterfall, but there were still a number of people at the summit.

Mountain views along a leisurely stroll headed towards Lulumahu Falls.

3. Photoshoot worthy: Within the first 10 minutes of the hike you come up to this open field with mountain views surrounding. It is such a pretty place to do a family portrait, couple’s shoot or solo modeling. My favorite feature are the stone steps that lead up the hill. It is so natural and it would allow for a variety of sitting poses. There are also surrounding bamboo forests that can add dimension to photos. I will be going back with a friend some day to do a mini photoshoot at this location!

Stone Stairway photoshoot ready!

4. Beautiful waterfall: This waterfall was impressively high. The falls were somewhat strong, although only leaving a small pool at the bottom, not worthy of swimming. The view was defiantly worth the hike.

Lulumahu Falls.

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