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“…from your manicured nails to ya pedicured toes” -Ludacris

Before any trip, I feel as if it is a necessity for me to get my nails done. Many women have beauty rituals that they do before going on trips. I have heard of many travel rituals including spray tans, waxes, hair cuts, and nails. Personally, a perfect mani/pedi is exactly what I need to begin to slow myself down and pamper myself before my vacation. It makes me feel prettier and I become more excited for my vacation ahead.

My grandma habitually goes to T&T nails in Waipahu. Almost every technician knows her there. Before giving my grandma a visit, I stopped into the salon to get my mani/pedi. I always get gel. Sometimes on fake nails and sometimes on my own. This time I went with my own nail. My nail beds are really small I guess compared to most women because every tech will comment on how small my nails are. Like baby, they say. I don’t ever go too crazy on my designs so the length has never been a huge issue for me. A comfortable shorter length is usually preferred.

I’m a big fan of faded nails. Every nail tech I’ve ever gone to has convinced me that the fade lasts longer. I don’t get my nails done all the time so when I do get them done, I like them to last a while. This time I went with glitter gold with an accent of black. Vegas came to mind with this color combo. A little showy and bold. Not my everyday nails, but it’s perfect for vacation!

Glitter Gold & Black Nails!
Glitter Gold & Black Nails!

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