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Airport Style

The first word that comes to mind for me when choosing an outfit while traveling is COMFORT. Any flight out of Hawaii will be a long flight, unless headed to a neighbor island. Today I embark on a 3 week vacation beginning in the big apple.

Hawaiian Airlines offers a direct flight from HNL to JFK. The travel time is almost 10 hours. That’s an extremely long time to be sitting in one place. As comfortable as we tell ourselves that those skinny jeans are, at the end of the day the best feeling in the world is taking them off. This is why I usually go with a different option. Harem pants are my favorite airport attire secret. They are extremely comfortable and depending on the material, they can be very light. Airplanes can get cold for me so today I went with a sweatpants type of harem pants. They are fitted nicely at the waist as well as around the ankles so serve not only a functional purpose, but a fashionable purpose as well. Adding a basic tank and a black floppy hat competes this comfortable and stylish outfit.

Be ready for a multitude of pictures and stories from my upcoming adventures!



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