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New York City Eats

Some of the best eateries in the world can be found in New York City. This city is a melting pot of cultures which inspired the diverse assortment of food. I once heard that a tourist’s biggest mistake when coming to New York City is eating from hot dog stands and eating from American food chains. After my first trip to the big apple, I can totally understand why. On trips, my rule of thumb is to ask the locals where to eat. My mom is all about the food network, so she looked up New York favorites on shows like Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives prior to our arrival to the city. I enjoyed a variety of New York City favorite food locations. Here are three of my favorite Manhattan eats!

-Katz Delicatessen:


BEST PASTRAMI SANDWICH OF MY LIFE! No, I have not tried the other New York City competition delicatessen, but I really don’t know how it could get much better. Walking into the delicatessen located on the lower east side of Manhattan is chaos. A ticket is presented, and the customer is sent over to a mess of six unorganized lines. There are so many tourist and locals alike trying to get their hand on these famous sandwiches. Because we had a party of nine, we decided to ask someone to help us to get table service instead of ordering from the counter. My dad was first to order. He ordered a roast beef sandwich with lettuce and tomato. Our server seemed confused by his order and said, “You know that’s not what we’re known for here.” My dad responded, “I know.” Most of us then proceeded to order the famous pastrami sandwich. When the sandwiches finally arrived, I couldn’t believe my eyes. These were the thickest pastrami slices I have ever seen. The pastrami was thick and tender. The pastrami on rye is a must have! Consider sharing depending on how big of an appetite you have. I could only finish half of mine.


-Shake Shack:


Regularly, I not a big burger person, but after getting advice from multiple people who have been to New York before, I got a consistent referral to Shake Shack. This popular chain humbly began in 2004 from a hot dog cart in Madison Square Park. Today Shake Shack is can be found world wide. Most locations are on the East coast of the United States or internationally in the Middle East. We ordered the original Shack Burgers with crinkle cut fries and chocolate shakes! The burger was extremely juicy. After the first bite, my brother said, “I’m gonna want another one of these!” Needless to say, we loved shake shack! I’m one of those girls who opens her shake and dips french fries inside. The combination of hot crispy french fries with the cold frozen chocolate treat is divine. The classic all American lunch!


-Little Italy:


My aunty suggested for us to eat in Little Italy. I went with them twice. The first time I ate pizza outside on their patio. This is a favorite in Little Italy, tables and chairs are lined up on the outsides of the restaurants for customers to enjoy the summer weather. Our last night in New York City, we went to Pellegrino’s Ristorante Italiano. We walked around Little Italy and my uncle saw this restaurant serving stuffed artichokes. After seeing this appetizer, we immediately found our dinner location. We ordered two of the artichokes for our table to share. Drenched with butter and garlic, these artichokes were gone soon after hitting the table. I unfortunately didn’t even get a picture. I ordered the rigatoni alla vodka. The excellence of this dish is beyond explanation. Being a huge fan of a good red sauce pasta, this was an easy choice for me. It looked amazing as soon as it came out. The sauce was a little creamy and filled with little bits of meat. I highly recommend this dish when visiting Little Italy! Cap off a lovely evening of great food and even better company, we went to Ferrara to get a Cannoli. This was my first Cannoli ever from what I hear is one of the best places in the world to get it from. The cream and crunch texture was so great and rich. Such a creamy sweet treat to finish up our New York City adventures.


I just left the city and I’m dying to go back! So if any of you have suggestions on places to eat please leave a comment or email your favorite eats! I look forward to new suggestions to expand my palate.


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