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NYC Summer Street Style (as a tourist)

Ninety degrees! Boy oh boy was it hot in New York City. The heat and humidity caused half the city to be dripping in sweat. But what can one do about the weather? We just need to be prepared and expect the heat. Try to combine indoor and outdoor activities throughout your day. Every store will have their air conditioning running, so don’t be afraid to stop inside. Keep hydrated and don’t allow the weather to keep you in your hotel room.


EXPRESS: Black and white striped, sleeveless trapeze dress
UNIQLO: black floppy hat
MICHAEL KORS: Hamilton Black quilted Lamb Skin bag

Here are a few tips for dressing for the New York City heat:

1. Day to night looks: Wear something that will be comfortable and casual for the hot summer day, but something that will still be cute to go out to dinner if you don’t get time to get back to the hotel before hand. A comfy summer dress was the perfect choice for me!

2. Keep your purse small: A big purse gets heavy! I should have carried a smaller bag. My purse was pretty heavy because I carried my Nikon 1 camera, my Go-Pro with selfie pole, and a selfie stick for my phone along with all of my essentials.

3. Cute but comfortable shoes: Transportation can be pretty hectic in the city from taxis to subways to ubers. We ended up walking a lot more than expected. The next thing I knew, I just walked 20 blocks. Sandals were the cute, casual and comfortable choice for me. I also wore a pair of vans a couple times as well. Going out? New Yorkers will wear their comfortable shoes during the day getting from place to place, but when it’s time to go out, they have a pair of heels ready in their bag.

4. Cover up!: Hats and sunglasses. You will thank me! SPF is necessary as well. I was getting a little bit of a sunburn. Luckily I always have SPF on my face, you should as well!

5. Light/ waterproof makeup: The weather crazy hot. I’m used to warm weather being from Hawaii, but being a tourist causes one to be outside exploring most of the day. Heavy makeup will literally melt off if outside for too long. If you are like me and wear makeup almost daily, keep a few of your essentials in your bag. For me it was eyeliner and concealer.


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