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FOUR Days of Being a Tourist in NYC

Usually when traveling, I will have a list of things that I want to do and the rest is all going with the flow. My mom is a little different. She had 3 folders full of research, bookings and confirmations. The things she booked ahead of time as far as attractions were the 9/11 Memorial Museum, Empire State Building, the Yankee’s baseball game, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island tour, and Top of the Rock.

DAY 1:
9/11 till this day seems so unreal to me. It’s hard to believe that buildings used to stand where the memorial pools now are. The 9/11 Memorial Museum is a beautiful tribune. I became so wrapped up in the stories of people who were there. It’s emotional to see the photos of the victims of this horrible attack, but it’s amazing that their lives will always be remembered.
Later that day we took an elevator to the top of the Empire State Building. The view of the concrete jungle was beautiful. I recommend all visitors to do at least one of the top floor views available to experience these amazing views.

Our first day we had a little bit of difficulty with transportation. We tried the subway, uber, and taxi. The subway is actually really easy after you get to know the system. I would suggest learning how to read the subway maps before your New York City trip. Find a subway map and highlight the destinations you want to go. This will make it easier to see what line you will need to go to your destinations. Know your uptown and downtown directions and be aware of these signs in the stations. Be aware of the difference between Local and Express subways. Don’t be afraid of the subway. People are kinder than what they are portrayed to be in the media. Anytime we asked someone for help with directions, they were more than willing to show us the way.


9/11 Memorial Pool, Top of the Empire State Building.

DAY 2:
The second day our group spit up the boys and my mom went to the Yankee’s game in the Bronx and the rest of the girls went walking and shopping in lower Manhattan. We took the subway to Greenwich Village and walked for miles. We shopped around SOHO and NOHO. I would love to live in one of these districts. It’s the perfect middle place between the craziness of city tourists and the quieter parts of town. It was such a good place for a variety of shopping locations and restaurants. We walked a little further and made it to Little Italy. This is where we stopped for pizza. I highly suggest the subway ride to lower Manhattan. That night we got to see the bright lights of the big apple. Times Square is exactly what you think when you first imagine the city. The lights are so bright glowing from the hundreds of screens. All of the typical major shopping brands can be found here, except the stores are much bigger than the stores you might find in your neighborhood. National flagship stores can be found all over the big city. I could spend days shopping in New York City!


Yankee Stadium, Times Square.

DAY 3:
Saint Patrick’s Cathedral is an absolutely beautiful Neo-Gothic Catholic church. We started here on day three, but unfortunately the inside was under construction. If you are a fan of church architecture, Saint Patrick’s is a sight to see in the middle of the city on 5th Avenue. If you would like to attend mass, they have services everyday. We then took a subway down to the last stop downtown. This is where we did the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Tour. Hundreds of people are packed onto these tour boats. It was pretty cool to see the Statue of Liberty in person and experience where the immigrants came to live the American dream. This is probably a one time tour for me though. It took a lot more time then I anticipated and the weather made the tour draining, being outside most of the time. We spent the rest of daylight at Central Park. I love Central Park and I wish I would have spent more time there. It is the relaxation in the middle of the hustle and bustle. It’s the perfect place for a picnic or a bike ride or exploring garden grounds. To top off this busy day, we ended at the Top of the Rock. We had a 9:30pm time so we could see the city lights by night. It was really neat to see the skyline by day and then by night, I highly suggest doing both!


Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Statue of Liberty

DAY 4:

Mood is a dream of fabric heaven to any seamstress. Three floors of fabrics, trimmings, ribbons and more. Mood is featured on the tv show Project Runway, and many of my past fashion classmates told me it was must see! I love to go to the fabric store and just to look at colors and feel textures. Being that we stayed close to the garment district, walking was a breeze, it was just a few blocks down. After spending some time browsing through textiles, I met up with my family to check out the New York City High Line. My younger cousins and brother thought this was the most boring part of the trip. The High Line is an elevated urban park. I thought it was an awesome place for locals to enjoy lunch. The garden like setting against the urban street of the city below is a really cool mix to see. After the High Line, the rest of the day was spent shopping down and around 5th Avenue. Every store you can possibly ask for is in this city. If you ever go to visit, give yourself plenty of shopping time!


The High Line

There is so much to do in New York that there is no way one can see everything in one trip. I will be back. Below is a list of things I want to do on my next trip to the city of dreams!

– Brooklyn Botanic Garden
– Brooklyn Bridge
– Broadway Show
– Radio City Christmas Spectacular
– Iceskating at Rockefeller center
– The Metropolitan Museum of Art
– Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
– Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
– Niagara Falls
– Ithaca Waterfalls


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