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Our Nation’s Capital

Washington D.C. is beautiful. Although I am not a fan of U.S. history, there are still many reasons this place is amazing. I am a lover of nature, art and architecture, so there is much to explore within those categories. Honestly, I will never visit in the summer again. It is way too hot and it made my trip a lot less enjoyable. Next time visiting in the spring time will be my goal. Browsing through pictures of Washington D.C. during spring, summer, fall and winter made me realize that every season is so much prettier than summer. I would adore the spring cherry blossoms or the changing colors of fall or the beauty of winter snow. Being from Hawaii, these are the kind of things I want to see. My favorite part of the trip was visiting Georgetown. From the cute boutiques to restaurants to the famous Georgetown Cupcake, this historic college town is wonderful. Below are pictures of the beauty I did experience at our nation’s capital.


Summertime Washington D.C. flowers.


Family walking down Washington mall.


King Kamehameha will will always be my favorite.


TLC’s Georgetown Cupcake.


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