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Southern Charm- Exploring South Carolina

South Carolina is such a cute place filled with a lot of special things unique to their towns. Charleston is known for supporting their local business. This creates a ton of places unique to Charleston. It makes the town so special and draws visitors like me to love this city.


Farmer’s Market:

I absolutely love Farmer’s Markets. Supporting local growers and artisans is extremely important in South Carolina. There were large amounts of homemade foods and crafts as well as locally grown fruits and vegetables. I learned that South Carolina is the number one seller of peaches in America despite of what others might expect because of Georgia’s nickname of the Peach State.
IMG_5351IMG_5352    IMG_5449

One of my favorite vendors of the day was The Charleston Soap Chef. We met with the owner of the company, Jeanine. She has creating this amazing collection of natural soaps and bath products including sugar hand and lip scrubs. What started off as a hobby for Jeanine has become a successful collection sold in retail stores as well as online. This excited me because I am now able to reorder and get it shipped to Hawaii. The scents of Charleston are present within her products which make these amazing scents unique to the world. Lemon Sugah and Blooming Jasmine were my favorite scents.


Southern Style:

It’s so awesome that when you travel from region to region, there are different sets of styles based on where one is from. It is what makes fashion so fun and interesting. There are two big trends I would see while shopping in South Carolina. “Prep Swag” as my cousin would call it, is extremely popular in the south. Signs of preppy attire include polos, bow ties, and cuffed sleeves. Brands such as Ralph Lauren, J. Crew, or Lactose are a good example of clothing of Prep Swag. No one at home dresses that way so it’s so cool to see so many stores catered to this style.IMG_5394

Another thing included in Southern Prep Swag is the use of monograms. This was so interesting to me because at home monograms are not extremely popular like it is in Charleston. So many shops sell things that you can customize using your own monogram. Everything from jewelry to clothing to household items. It is especially a trend with teenaged girls.


Art and Architecture:

Plantation style homes are popular in South Carolina. My family is from Mount Pleasant, where one can find a number a plantation mansions around the neighbor hood. They are so beautiful, and the architecture is so unique to the region. Wouldn’t it be amazing to own a house that has so much beauty!


Another beautiful piece of architecture is newer to Charleston, it was opened in 2005. The Ravenel Bridge is very modern and designed with two diamond towers with multiple individual cables grounding the towers. It is popular for tourist to walk or bike over this bridge crossing the Cooper River.


Popular urban street artist, Shepard Fairey calls Charleston home. His work can be found on walls around the city. His popularity flourished after creating the Hope poster of president Barack Obama, but his art has been known widely through skate boarding scene with the OBEY Giant. Have seen his work before but did not know too much about the artist behind the masterpieces until coming to Charleston. My aunty showed me a few of the walls and told me a little on the back story. It is awesome the town supports and is proud of their local success artist.


Charleston Eats:

Tasting different things around the world is such an eye opening experience. It has been a goal of mine to try new things when I travel, just to say that I tried it. It could end up to be the best thing in the world that I ate. This was the case at this dive bar we went to called the Tattooed Moose. Instead of taking the safe choice of chicken wings, my brother and I ordered the sandwich they were famous for. We ate the Duck Club with a side order of the Duck Fat Fries. There was no reason for my intimidation because it was amazing. The meat was so tender and I don’t even know what to compare the duck fat fries to, but I would recommend it to anyone visiting South Carolina. Such an amazing meal!


On Sullivan’s Island, we dug into some good old fashion southern barbecue. Ribs, pulled pork, brisket, mac and cheese, biscuits, all southern foods I was dying to have in the south. Home Team BBQ didn’t fail to deliver. This busy little bar food type place was our destination for lunch. Good thing we were all starving because there was so much food. This was a perfect place for a girl like me who loves her meats.


How could we have gone to the south and not have Chicken and Waffles. Page’s Okra Grill was highly recommended for their southern food. My dad and cousin had Ashleigh’s Famous Shrimp & Grits. A unique take on grits, this dish uses Grit Cakes topped with the shrimp and sauce. Not my cup of tea, but they loved it. I of course had Chicken & Waffles. It was okay to me. I would have loved it if I got a plain waffle. I didn’t like the extra bits of corn and meat in the batter. The chicken was amazing though! My mom had a delicious plate of biscuits and gravy. So good!



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