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Southernmost Point

Adventure is everywhere especially in Hawaiʻi. Hawaiʻi Island also known as the Big Island is known greatly for the endless adventure. This last weekend getaway, I explored the southernmost point of the USA. Although I have traveled to Hawaiʻi Island numerous times, this was my first time exploring the southern part of the island. In the district of Kaʻū, there is an old town by the name of Naʻalehu. We stayed in a cute vacation rental close to this town. There is not a lot of city like things in this town as far as restaurants, shopping ect., but we didn’t come for that, we came here for adventure!


Found a friend in Naʻalehu.

Our first adventure was heading to the ancient fishing village of Miloliʻi. We set ourself up at a black sand hidden beach. I would have never found a place like this on my own. Because my family calls Hawaiʻi Island home, they have adventured this territory many times before. We walked about about 15-20 minutes to get to this beautiful stretch of land. My favorite part of Miloliʻi was exploring a few natural caves before walking back to the main beach.



Our next adventure was off roading down to Papakōlea, more popularly known as the Green Sand Beach. This is one of four green sand beaches in the world! Pretty cool. Getting there was crazy. The only way to get there is to off road through rugged paths or to walk. It was such a bumpy ride, but the beach was worth the journey completely. Although it was windy, it was a picture perfect day.


Papakōlea (Green Sand Beach)

Later we headed down to Ka Lae or South Point. We had so much fun jumping off South Point. The water was so clear and beautiful. It is such a refreshing swim after the exciting jump. The scariest part to me wasn’t the jump, but climbing up a sketchy ladder to get back up.


Ka Lae (South Point)

Before heading back to my family’s house, we had to stop at the famous Punaluʻu Bakery. Their taro bread and guava bread are known greatly in the islands because they can be found in many grocery stores. These flavored sweet breads are my favorite, so I had to pick up a few to take home.


If you ever take a trip to Hawaiʻi Island. Spend a day or two exploring these beautiful places. You will love the extremely laid back island feel.

Have fun exploring!




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