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Less Than Perfect Pin

Have you ever scrolled through Pinterest and found that perfect recipe to try out? It looks so amazing and you want yours to turn out exactly the same. But when testing it out, it somehow looks a little less than perfect. I always think, what did I do wrong? How do I produce an outstanding product like those shown on Pinterest?

Last week I tried out some Halloween brownie cupcakes I saw on Pinterest. The end product actually tasted amazing, but they looked a little less than perfect. These were some of the problems I had.


(My less than perfect cupcakes pin vs. actual.)

-I wish I would have used more food coloring to create a brighter orange color.

-Because I used store bought buttercream frosting instead of whipping my own, the texture was a little heavier.

-The proper piping materials weren’t available so we used a ziploc bag to pipe the frosting onto the cupcakes.

-I should have taken the cupcakes out of the pan and unwrapped the paper before piping to keep it neater.

-We couldn’t find halloween color sprinkles so we decided to buy the rainbow sprinkles and pick out the orange and brown colors. It’s a lot more work than it sounds! It took two of us about half an hour to pick out enough sprinkles lol!

Here are a few tips to make your pins a little more perfect!

-Most pins are done by professionals, and most of us who try to recreate these pins are trying it out for the first time. Just like anything else in life, in order to create an amazing product, one must practice. If you’re trying a recipe, it may take a few tries to get it to taste or look perfect.

Try not to take shortcuts! Use the correct supplies and take all necessary steps. Eventually, you can make directions of your own, but when first taking on the task, take on the extra time.

-We all have busy lives and sometimes we try to throw in these projects into our day, squeezing what little time we have. Many times I don’t realize how much time this will actually take from start to finish which may include things such as running to the store or cleaning up my workplace. Because I didn’t anticipate the time, I begin to rush the end product. Try to give yourself ample time. It will make all the difference.

-Take high quality pictures or higher a professional. Although taking camera phone pictures are convenient, a DSLR camera will make your image look that much cleaner. Take the time to set up your background and use good lighting. This might require you to go outside to use natural light, or you may need to bring in extra lighting to brighten up your space.

I hope others will gain some tips from my less than perfect pin. Have fun creating!!



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