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San Francisco: We’re on a Seafood diet

No, we’re not trying to loose weight with this seafood diet! My best friend Jordyn and I regularly travel to San Francisco and we always love the idea of eating seafood only. We SEE food and we eat it! We love being a part of city life, walking down the streets to explore new things at every corner. One of our favorite parts of San Francisco is the amount of seafood restaurants located within close proximity to over indulge!

Most of the places we go to eat are places we happen to come across on while browsing through yelp. We usually look for places that are not too expensive because we usually get multiple items to share or huge skillets. Below are Five of my favorite San Francisco seafood restaurants so far!

Alioto’s Resturant
8 Fishermans Wharf

Aliolto’s located right in the heart of Fisherman’s Wharf is another favorite of ours. Walking down Fisherman’s Wharf, we were approached by there are a coupe friendly workers outside of the restaurant. They sold us on their menu and we decided to give it a try. I loved it! Their steamed clams and mussels came in amazing sauces! Also I tried their fried shrimp. Growing up fried shrimp was a safe go-to seafood item at restaurants. Allioto’s was the best. The shrimp was fat and fresh and was battered so finely and came out crisp. I added a little lemon and vinegar to indulge in a perfect fried shrimp entree. If I lived in San Francisco, I think I would be a regular here.

Killer Shrimp
1516 Broadway

Killer Shrimp was our first stop on this last trip to San Francisco. We got to our hotel around 10pm and decided to hit up a late night seafood spot in walking distance. After searching hot and new places on yelp, we came across Killer Shrimp We were a little excited to say the least and we went a crazy on our order! Honestly you don’t even want to know how much we ordered! Literally half of the late night happy hour.
-Killer Shrimp
-Clam Chowder
-Steamed Mussels
-Steamed Clams
-Fried Shrimp
-Fried Calamari
It all tasted amazing and it was really reasonably priced! 6 dishes for 2 girls was a little much, maybe 4 next time!

PPQ Dungeness Island
2332 Clement St.

This is my favorite whole crab yet! Roasted crab with garlic noodles. This Vietnamese style restaurant is such a whole in the wall type of place that I would have never found without recommendation. It is pretty far away from Union Square, but I was told it’s a must! The crab is a must! Please order it! It’s a little more on the pricey side if you’re getting crab, but the crabs are large and are seriously the best!

The Old Clam House
299 Bayshore Blvd.
I absolutely loved this old time seafood restaurant. We took an uber from the Union Square area. It was maybe 10 minutes away and it looked like it was in the middle of no where. The meal began with 2 shots of clam juice. I was not a huge fan, but my friend drank both. We shared a Crab, Shrimp and Mussels Skillet we polished off the platter surprising our waiter. He literally told us “Good Job!” lol! It was buttery garlic seafood goodness spread across a iron skillet, how could we not finish it?

The Stinky Rose
325 Columbus Ave.

After hearing the name of this restaurant mentioned multiple times around the city, we decided that we needed to check it out.This was an Italian style restaurant, but we decided to stick with the seafood theme with a double mussels and crab sizzling skillet for around 45 dollars. This restaurant is called the Stinky Rose for a reason, that is for the massive amounts of garlic used in all of their food! Their menu reads “We Season Our Garlic With Food.” Although the skillet was awesome, I really want to go back and try their garlic roasted prime rib, I saw another table with one and I wish I ordered it! Next time!!


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