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Workout Class Anyone?

I absolutely love going to Body Pump class at 24 Hour Fitness! Well that is when I actually find the time to make it to the gym haha. Out of all the classes 24 Hour Fitness provides, this would have to be my favorite. This workout is based around the barbell.

Walking into my first class was kind of a scary thing for me because I know I am not the strongest girl in the bunch and I didn’t know if I would be able to keep up. Seriously, the people who go to Body Pump Windward are hard core! Every time I go I see the same faces, and boy these regulars are strong. There are a couple men who go to every class and lift extremely heavy! They push themselves to the max and I die just watching. There’s also a few elder ladies in the class who inspire me because they keep up! When I have grey hair I hope I can be in half the shape of these ladies.

I would highly recommend anyone to try a class. Only you control the amount of weight that goes on your bar. I learned you don’t have to worry about anyone judging you. Everyone is there for a similar purpose, that is to get in an awesome workout and get to stronger. If anything, the people around you are encouraging you to achieve your goals!

The workout begins with a warmup followed by sets of workouts targeting isolated muscle groups beginning with squats, then chest, back, triceps, lunges/squats, abs and ending with a short period of stretching.

Every muscle group has a music track that you are lifting to. I’ve been going to Body Pump long enough now that when I hear a song like “Raise Your Glass” by Pink, I automatically think of bicep curls and the instructor singing raise your bar on a 3 and 1 count. I’ve taken this class with multiple instructors at different gyms, and all do a very good job at explaining and demonstrating each step. If you are looking for a complete, challenging and entertaining workout, check your local 24 Hour Fitness class times!

Have fun and stay active!


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