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Another Year, Another Planner

Year after year, all my notes, important dates and work schedules are compiled into my handy planner. I have never been one to love a digital calendar. For some reason, it has always been way more helpful to write it down. I ALWAYS write down my schedule. In elementary school, I used to print out each month of the year onto a regular sheet of paper and plan out my month. That page stayed in the front of my binder I took to school daily, along with a few fun pictures! In middle school we were given out a school weekly planner to use. I absolutely loved the detail that could go into a weekly planner, but I missed being able to see an overview like how I did with the printout in my binder. In college I began to use a Weekly/Monthly planner giving me the best of both worlds! I always get so excited while looking for my next planner! I know, so nerdy.

This year is my first year being a part of this sticker club that has becoming ever so popular. It seems so fun and the designs are so cute! My planner stickers came from @rubyredirisprints The January color scheme goes perfectly with my planner so I downloaded the digital file. Next year I will for sure be ordering stickers online earlier because cutting them all out is defiantly not the business. At least I watched 5 episodes of Law & Order SVU while cutting!

Originally these stickers are made for an Erin Condren planner, but there is no way I will carry around that huge thing. I am always on the go, and I love to have my planner with me. This is why I picked out the Blue Sky Weekly/Monthly planner. It is what works for me right now. Perfect size in fashion pop colors and cute designs. You can find your own amazing life saver at

Happy Decorating!
Happy Planning!

~Leilani Nicole


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