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My Nike Frees are my go to shoes. I have a pair for going to the gym and I have a pair for adventuring. Living in Hawaii gives me tons of opportunities to hike and explore. My shoes sometimes get a beating! From dirt to rocks to mud. I recently went hiking and forgot my hiking pair and had o use my gym pair. That’s when I thought it was time my shoes had a wash! A lot of people are hesitant to through shoes in the wash, so I’m going to tell you how to do it!

  1. Wash off big chunks off mud and pound out the rocks from the bottom of your shoes.

DSC_16282. Unlace your shoes and wash the laces by hand. I used dawn soap for my laces.


3. Throw your shoes in a pillow case. This will help to protect the shoes against getting damaged through the washer. My pillow case had buttons down the side but if yours doesn’t, use string to tie the pillowcase closed.

4. Use regular soap for your washer. I use Tide.


5. Change your settings to delicate wash.


  1. Air Dry! You don’t want to risk the heat of the dryer. I also through in a little baking soda for extra freshness.

My hiking shoes have had it! lol but They still came out much cleaner. My gym shoes on the other had made a huge transformation!

Happy washing!

~Leilani Nicole


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