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Your Trip to Thailand: The Planning Process


Planning any major trip can actually be a lot of work especially if you are planning for a group of people. I booked my trip to Thailand 6 months in advance and started planning for it shortly after. Some questions that would go through my head included, Will everyone feel comfortable at the places I decide to stay? Will we all have fun doing this? Will it be convenient to get around? Will there be a language barrier? The best way to be prepared is to educate yourself! I began reading countless travel books, blogs, watched travel video blogs ect. Planning successfully can really make your trip run that much more smoothly.

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Instagram has really been a tool of inspiration for all who love to travel and adventure. You see a friend post a cool spot, you may decide to check it out too. I would look up these hashtags almost daily to see what other travelers were doing, what was worth doing, what wasn’t. Screen shot the things you would possibly want to do and find their locations. Make a list of what you would want to do or see organized by location. This list will help you pick your destinations within Thailand.

-Decide on your major destinations
Bangkok (3) -> Koh Samui (2)-> Koh Pha Ngan (1)-> Koh Samui (1)-> Phuket (3)-> Bangkok (1)
So much to see, so little time. An oh so common theme when traveling to any destination. There is so much to explore in Thailand that it was hard to choose were to go. Most likely you will be flying in and out of Bangkok. Go through your list of what you want to do and see and decide where to go from there!
We really wanted to do water activities such as island hopping, snorkeling, canoeing etc. The other biggest thing we had to do was see elephants and tigers. Originally we had Chiang Mai in our plans to do this, but with the amount of time we had, we cut the northern portion of our trip. We didn’t want to feel continuously on the move, with no time to relax. I am actually really glad we didn’t go to Chiang Mai this time around because it would have been really rushed, but next time it’s on!
I wish we made it to:
Chiang Mai: Next time I go to Thailand, I will be going to Chiang Mai. I have heard so many good things about Elephant Nature Park, so it is now officially on my Thailand bucket list. Also I want to explore a little more off the beaten path in the north of Thailand.
Ayutthaya: This city is about an hour away from Bangkok. It is actually remains of city that used to be. The remains of temples and architecture looks like it will be on
Kanchanaburi: About 2.5 hours out of Bangkok is the Erawan National Park known for their waterfalls.
Koh Tao: I really wanted to scuba dive Koh Tao! Next time.
Krabi and the other countless Koh- islands: Other beautiful beach destination with clear waters, and white sandy beaches. I cant help it, I’m just an island girl.

-Any events during your stay?
I absolutely love to celebrate events and go to amazing festivals. I always try to research if there any events or fun things do during my stay. I would be so upset if there was something going on right under my nose and it was missed!
Full Moon Party: Once a month on the night of the full moon, there is a huge party on the island of Koh Pha Nang. Thousands people having an amazing time dancing the night away sipping alcohol out of the infamous buckets hoping to make it till morning.
Songkran: The Thai New Year Water Festival happens between April 13-15. What looks like a huge water fight is actually a time to cleanse and purify yourself and others washing way the bad of the previous year and starting clean for the year ahead.
Loy Krathong/ Yee Peng: November usually marks the 12th lunar month of the Thai calendar. This is when Chiang Mai’s lantern festival takes place. This picturesque festival is a beautiful release of lanterns and light into the water and in the sky in respects to Buddha. My next Thailand trip will be planned around this festival!

Good luck planning your Thailand itinerary! Feel free to contact me with your Thailand travel questions. I would love to be a part of your planning process.
~Leilani Nicole


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