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Traveling TOMS


Working in a shoe store, I hear hundreds of stories about traveling shoes. Customers rave, “These went all over Europe last summer!” Although there are so many different “perfect traveling shoes”, TOMS are my personal favorite! Here are SEVEN reasons I rate TOMS as my number one.

EASY ON/EASY OFF: TOMS are so easy to slip on and off. This is perfect for going through airport security. No need to waste time trying to tie your shoes back on!

LIGHTWEIGHT: Shoes are the hardest thing to pack in my opinion. One time I took a trip to Las Vegas and San Francisco and literally packed my carry on suitcase will only shoes. From short boots to tall boots to heels galore! Many times when I travel, I don’t have the luxury of bringing two suitcases nor do I want to carry two suitcases. TOMS are extremely light weight and take up very little space. If you are almost overweight with your suitcase, I recommend wearing your heaviest pair of shoes and packing your TOMS.

COVERED TOES: Sometimes, Covered shoes are just required for some reason. When I went to Thailand, Flip Flops (in Hawaii we call them Slippers!) were not allowed to be worn at the Grand Palace. I was so glad that I wore TOMS because they allowed me to have an appropriate shoe for the Palace grounds. Also it was so easy to take off my shoes when we went into the temples. They slide right off and on with no laces or buckles.

COMFORT: My TOMS have thousands hours of walking on them. I work 8 hour shifts in a fast pace environment, and yet I have no comfort problems! The comfort comes from the arch support inserted to the insole.

CUTENESS!:Not only are TOMS but there are super cute as well! My black lace TOMS have been worn with a number of outfits from jeans to dresses! They are so versatile for different types of weather. Gotta Love Um!

EASY CLEAN: Honesty, sometimes TOMS can become smelly after wearing them quite some time. Although no one really recommends it, I totally throw my TOMS in a pillowcase and into the washing machine! No harm done. Use the same directions I posted in my post titled, “Nike Spin.” Here’s the link:

SUPPORT THE CAUSE: TOMS is short for Tomorrow Shoes because of their huge effort to donate shoes to children in need. Their concept focuses on if buy a pair of shoes today, tomorrow a pair will be donated to a child in need. Their concept motto is simply “One for One.” To learn more about TOMS giving programs visit It is really amazing to see how much one pair of shoes can help a child!

I hope this gives you a little motivation to pick up a pair of TOMS and adventure away!



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