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Falling for Sweater Weather!

There is no such thing as sweater weather where I come from. Hawaii has a tropical climate year around. 60 degrees is pretty much the coldest weather we get at any time. As amazing as it is to have nice weather year round, I miss out on a bunch of cute #ootd opportunities because it’s just too hot! Most days an ultra light weight cardigan is already too hot! Lucky for me this fall season, I got to do a little bit of traveling where I get to experience some sweater weather! This is the one time I get too pull out my sweaters, scarves, coats and boots stored in my closet all year long.

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I literally took over a thousand pictures on my last couple trips! I can’t wait to share some of my adventures!!



Featured Image OOTD:

Sweater: H&M Basic Collection
Shorts: H&M Ladies Collection
Scarf: H&M Accessories
Shoes: Steve Madden Troopa
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff


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