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5 Reasons to Add a Half-Marathon to Your Bucketlist

Thinking about doing a Half-Marathon?!  I probably went through a hundred different websites researching these organized runs before my first race.  It was so inspiring to try something new and challenge myself.  Participating in the Maui Oceanfront Half Marathon was such am exciting experience, and I look forward to more half marathons or possibly a marathon in my future. Here are 5 reasons why I loved it so much!

1.Health & Wellness

Cardio! Cardio! Cardio! Running is a prime source of cardio exercise keeping your heart pumping strong. Training for the half marathon also increased my stamina. When first starting out, two miles was a lot, boy was I was hurting! Huffing and puffing and after the first!  After a few months in, mile 4 or 5 became my favorite. That point in time when you don’t feel like you are even running anymore.  I even lost a little bit of weight!

2.Self Accomplishment

I don’t enjoy being stagnant in life.  I always try to set new goals for myself to do something new or to better myself.  It feels so wonderful to achieve something that you set your heart and mind to. So seriously, if you feel stuck in a rut and feel like you haven’t accomplished anything as of late, try an organized run! Most times you even get a medal and/ or a t-shirt for participating!

Finishline Joy!


If you have ever been to an organized race, you know the excitement and spirit of friendship that comes with a race.  In October of 2015, I happened to go to San Francisco the same weekend of the Nike Women’s Half Marathon.  It was such a sight to see! Right in the heart of Union Square, all of the participants were out picking up their packets. They were taking numerous pictures by all of the signs and bombarding the Nike store buying everything to satisfy their running needs.  I am so sad Nike stopped this run the very next year.  If they ever bring it back, I’m so in!  All of the participants are there trying to accomplish a common goal, bringing people of places and of all ages to one common route.

4.Excuse to Travel

I have a huge travel bug! So of course when searching for a race, I’m looking anywhere but at home.  The half marathon I ran was on the island of Maui.  Although I and from Oahu, I’ve never really had a chance to explore Maui.  So I combined my race with a mini-vacay! TIP: Don’t schedule anything after your race! Except maybe a massage. My boyfriend and I booked a snorkel tour a few hours after, and we almost didn’t make it.  We were so tired from the race that we almost decided to just give up the money we spent on reserving it.  Luckily we ended up making it although I slept for most of the boat ride out!


I had such a great time preparing for my first half marathon.  Sometimes it is just so great to get myself outside. With all the hustle and bustle of life and work, it can become rare to feel the sunshine.  A run can bring a new outlook on your day.  It can start you off on a good mood or it can be a de-stresser at the end of your day.   It’s so nice because almost anyone can do it! It doesn’t require any special skill or equipment. It’s just me my shoes and my tunes!  It won’t be long until the day you have been training for is finally upon you. There are so many people there cheering you on and pushing you to the next mile. It really is so much fun!  If you run because you want to run, it will always be a good one.


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