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What I Ate in Anchorage, Alaska

Traveling is such a great opportunity to try so many different types of food. I am defiantly WAY more daring when it comes to food when I am on vacation than when at home. On vacation I always say that it is important to try foods and eat at places that I can’t get at… Continue reading What I Ate in Anchorage, Alaska

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San Francisco: We’re on a Seafood diet

No, we’re not trying to loose weight with this seafood diet! My best friend Jordyn and I regularly travel to San Francisco and we always love the idea of eating seafood only. We SEE food and we eat it! We love being a part of city life, walking down the streets to explore new things… Continue reading San Francisco: We’re on a Seafood diet

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Southern Charm- Exploring South Carolina

South Carolina is such a cute place filled with a lot of special things unique to their towns. Charleston is known for supporting their local business. This creates a ton of places unique to Charleston. It makes the town so special and draws visitors like me to love this city. Farmer’s Market: I absolutely love… Continue reading Southern Charm- Exploring South Carolina