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What I Ate in Anchorage, Alaska

Traveling is such a great opportunity to try so many different types of food. I am defiantly WAY more daring when it comes to food when I am on vacation than when at home. On vacation I always say that it is important to try foods and eat at places that I can’t get at… Continue reading What I Ate in Anchorage, Alaska

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Traveling TOMS

Working in a shoe store, I hear hundreds of stories about traveling shoes. Customers rave, “These went all over Europe last summer!” Although there are so many different “perfect traveling shoes”, TOMS are my personal favorite! Here are SEVEN reasons I rate TOMS as my number one. EASY ON/EASY OFF: TOMS are so easy to… Continue reading Traveling TOMS

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Your Trip to Thailand: The Planning Process

Planning any major trip can actually be a lot of work especially if you are planning for a group of people. I booked my trip to Thailand 6 months in advance and started planning for it shortly after. Some questions that would go through my head included, Will everyone feel comfortable at the places I… Continue reading Your Trip to Thailand: The Planning Process

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San Francisco: We’re on a Seafood diet

No, we’re not trying to loose weight with this seafood diet! My best friend Jordyn and I regularly travel to San Francisco and we always love the idea of eating seafood only. We SEE food and we eat it! We love being a part of city life, walking down the streets to explore new things… Continue reading San Francisco: We’re on a Seafood diet

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Southernmost Point

Adventure is everywhere especially in Hawaiʻi. Hawaiʻi Island also known as the Big Island is known greatly for the endless adventure. This last weekend getaway, I explored the southernmost point of the USA. Although I have traveled to Hawaiʻi Island numerous times, this was my first time exploring the southern part of the island. In… Continue reading Southernmost Point

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Southern Charm- Exploring South Carolina

South Carolina is such a cute place filled with a lot of special things unique to their towns. Charleston is known for supporting their local business. This creates a ton of places unique to Charleston. It makes the town so special and draws visitors like me to love this city. Farmer’s Market: I absolutely love… Continue reading Southern Charm- Exploring South Carolina

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FOUR Days of Being a Tourist in NYC

Usually when traveling, I will have a list of things that I want to do and the rest is all going with the flow. My mom is a little different. She had 3 folders full of research, bookings and confirmations. The things she booked ahead of time as far as attractions were the 9/11 Memorial… Continue reading FOUR Days of Being a Tourist in NYC